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Distance is no longer a problem - access the help wherever you need it.


It is comfortable as newer before! You can do it at home under your favorite blanket or even in nature.


Save your time as there is no more need to lose it in traffic.  

Anonymity and a sense of security: You choose whether to switch your camera ON of OFF. No one will see that you go into the psychotherapist's office. This privacy gives boosts your sense self-confidence and trust, which are very helpful in therapy and coaching.



The quality of the Internet and the services of Skype and FaceTime sometimes may impair visual and voice contact. This can reduce the quality of the session and irritate both the therapist and the client. Yet this problem is relatively easy to solve by ensure reliable Internet connection.


Limitation of eye contact and emotional interaction requires the psychotherapist to have special skills in working with the camera. However, if these skills are mastered, the interaction becomes sometimes even more expressive, than face-to-face contact.

Dr. Ivan Kirillov, MD, PhD

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist (Private practice in Istanbul)

Coach and corporate trainer

Member of the editorial board of International Journal of Psychotherapy

Coordinator of the Moscow Center of Positive Psychotherapy

International trainer and lecturer: Positive psychotherapy, Psychodynamic, Operationalized Psychodynamic Diagnostic

Sufficient psychotherapy practice

Creator and owner of Stress Surfing™

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